Fire & Flood

Session Twenty Five: The Red Lights
  • After bedding down for the night the party awakes to confront the information gleaned from Enoch and the loss of the Artifact.
  • Searching for food Derp finds what appears to be a demonic, gigantic cricket which Andrei idly predicts is planar and possibly demonic before Derp eats it (of course).
  • Fiercely hallucinating, Derp devours the creature and suddenly can see across planes. He finds a secret passage of Calderus’ and leads the party quickly to the surface.
  • Emerging in the Red Light District in the very early morning there are few street goers; an unnatural number in fact, no doubt a result of the curfew and marshal law.
  • Attempting to mate with what he sees as a Mermaid, Derp feels a shift in his stomach and falls unconscious.
  • The party returns to Andrei’s office to find his downstairs neighbor Darren idly round the building. He tells them there have been developments upstairs and the party moves quickly to discover them.
  • In the meantime Derp awakes astride Rusty and Darren gives him an antitoxin which promptly causes him to vacate his bowels of dozens of strange demons and entities which scurry off.
  • Andrei finds a strange Elf he immediately identifies as the smuggler Morewyn in his office, scrying in the center of a barren room.
  • While Andrei looks for any sign of what transpired and finds nothing left but wall fixtures, Darren tells him of how he was requested to identify a body which indeed looked much like Andrei a week prior. Assuming the corpse must have been one of his “back ups” and that Darren was bribed, the subject is dropped.
  • Having just survived an assassination attempt and having seen her smuggling empire destroyed by her seeming clients, Morewyn asks Andrei to disguise a corpse as herself to fake her own death.
  • Andrei agrees and as he sculpts the corpse Sophie hears voices outside. They mention something about find “the war forged” and a leader named Finesse.
  • The voices quickly disappear the party, nervous, leaves and splits up to allow Morewyn to dump her “corpse” in the river with the agreement that they should all reconvene at the Mechanic’s Guild Hall.
  • Along the way, after recieving a reply from her sister, Sophie and Forte are ambushed and he is taken. As her Status spell goes silent Sophie is left at a loss. . .
Session Twenty Four: An Old Aquaintance
  • Idly watching the party emerge, Enoch confronts them with their failure to protect the artifact. There is more at hand here though, they soon learn.
  • Not only is the Artifact potentially only a piece of a bigger puzzle and a powerful prize to be fought over by the powers that be, there have been many changes in the world above as our adventurers searched in the Depths.
  • Above ground marshal law has been declared and curfews put into place. Political prisoners have been taken and many individuals have “disappeared,” including Merrix d’Cannith and Sophie’s Guild Master Randy as well as a certain Professor Simon Morannis.
  • The head of House Phiarlan has been arrested on shadowy charges and in her place Mayor Endris has taken charge of the house. Andrei’s bounty has been turned in and he has been declared dead by city officials.
  • Forte’s bounty has remained in place, however high and rare it may be to find it. Unknown forces are nearly as interested in the whereabouts of Forte as that of the Artifact.
  • Enoch theorizes that Marquis must have been implanted with a hypnotic trigger at the sight of the Artifact as any other subterfuge would have been recognized, especially by the Vampire Calderus.
  • As Enoch informs them of the world above Andrei sends his ghoul Bitey after Marquis and Sophie is given a scrying device, much like her new homing beacon, which Enoch retrieved from Calderus.
  • As they exit the world of the Quieter Ones Sophie is given a Tech Weasel by the kobold Xander which she promptly names Wendy. She is told the weasel will be loyal to her for as long as she lives and will help her to find the Artifact as well as other devices.
  • Skeezix is also bid farewell under an apparent pardon by the Navarrix. He is gifted with an implant which lets him communicate with Sophie and they chat, leaving him to find his fate in the future of Eberron.
  • Setting off for the surface in the quickest way possible, Sophie sends a feather token to her sister.
Session Twenty Three: The Artifact
  • Confronting the Navarrix, the party remained silent as he opened a panel in the center of the room, revealing a long spiral staircase leading down.
  • Guiding them down the stairs quietly, the Navarrix marches on as Derp notices that Marquis is acting odd and nervous. Andrei is suspicious of him and his nervous twitches and spasms and so trains his ghoul (Bitey) and a spectral hand on Marquis.
  • There is a door, a grand and ancient door, and as the Navarrix stands before it he says, “Are you ready?”
  • Everyone agrees they are and Andrei enters first.
  • The large room resembles a mad scientist’s laboratory with a large dias in the center on which sits a brass artifact, presumably THE artifact. Forte sees what looks like another artifact, but made of glass, hanging above it.
  • Forte immediately walks closer to investigate and suffers a devastating attack from what appears to be an Elemental.
  • As the elemental flies about and Forte realizes it is a rare Electricity Elemental, Derp grapples it to the ground and nearly dies.
  • Sophie notices Marquis has dissappeared and Rusty starts grappling the monster. Finally, combat is finished and the ravaged party realizes the artifact is also gone.
  • Assuming Marquis to be the thief, Andrei commands the ghoul to find him and bite him. The party then mounts the stairs to find an angry Navarrix waiting for them at the top.
  • Walking back up the stairs the Navarrix tells them the Artifact is gone. He says they are the first to come see it in a very long time and when Sophie mentions the shard from Enoch the Navarrix says yes, he remembers that, and destroys it..
  • The Navarrix tells them he knew it was going to be taken and tells of Farengix and how he saw time as a plane. He left a prophecy that the future was uncertain and the theft not to be desired but was foretold as the least of all evils.
  • He saw no one else leave and tracking proves inconclusive, but. . .
  • Enoch is there. . . .
Session Twenty Two: The Navarrix Speaks
  • Continuing the next morning, the party is led for several hours by Skeezix before he tells them they are near and that they must split up. Sophie give Forte the homing device to monitor them.
  • When the party agrees he reveals a secret passage, atop a ladder. Marquis, Forte, Derp, Rikki (who was knocked unconcious climbing from their resting space, and the associated pets stay behind and Andrei and Sophie continue upwards with a very nervous Skeezix.
  • Communicating only by signs, they are led to a room where Skeezix gives them each a sort of brooch in the shape of a gear. Walking through the path Andrei spots a trap but it does not activate. Instead each of their pins emits a dull glow.
  • Andrei secretly summons a ghoul, because that’s what Andrei does.
  • Walking down a clean and small hallway with many open doors they come to one which Skeezix bids them stay away from. He enters and they over hear a conversation which quickly devolves into yelling and then screaming. Someone is upset.
  • Storming into the hallway another kobold, obviously Xander, begins screaming at Sophie and Andrei in a multitude of languages before Andrei recognizes one. (Oddly enough, Andrei was not aware he knew Draconic until he heard it. The ancient Whiskey of the Dragon Blood, which he had drank at the whiskey temple, conveyed that ability to him.)
  • Andrei and Sophie demand that they be shown the Artifact, of which Xander claims to know nothing. Letting them into the office, she tells them they much leave but after much talk of the Flute, which she brushes aside, and the fact that she has never met a race other than hers, she leaves to “make a phone call.”
  • Sophie and Skeezix trade tech talk and Sophie is excited to find several fire arms in the clutter of the room. None are quite like hers but their purpose and design is obvious. Evidently this room is a sort of clearing house for technology brought to Xander.
  • Xander returns to tell the party that they must follow her. Their presence has been demanded by someone called the Navarrix.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the party argues as Derp decides to go after Andrei and Sophie, encountering them just as they come back. After much arguing Xander gives everyone gear brooches and Andrei commands his ghoul to “enter” Rusty in the most horrendous was possible.
  • Following Xander, the party eventually comes to a secret door which is guarded by two Illish-kikai soldiers who begrudgingly let them in.
  • Touring a complex series of tunnels and compounds, no other kobolds aside from the few guards are present. Xander and Skeezix both remain highly nervous as they proceed and at one point Rikki is excited by the presence of a “Weasel Breeding Complex.”
  • Though bare, the place is clearly lived in and occasionally a kobold will be glimpsed for an instant before scurrying away. Finally, they are led to a large open sort of atrium with windows on all sides before coming to an immeasurably ornate construction of gears and cogs which is soon shown to be a door.
  • In a large, bare room shaped as a giant gear they see a complex chair covered in various apparatus and sat upon by a strange, very elderly kobold which appears to be more machine than organic.
  • As they approach, it speaks:

In times of old, was a fire god stolen.
And captured then, left to us—his powers tamed.
So that through the years, still his totem broken,
He’s upheld the that city, and all the same.
But a time will come, when the god’s not needed,
That an evil force, the totem shall claim
And all our warnings, and knowledge unheeded,
’Til time of flying fire, then will reign.

Session Twenty One: The Unknown Threat
  • Fighting the invisible presence which had previously attacked Forte, Sophie attempted to dispel magic only to find no effect.
  • Specifically targeting Forte, the fight dragged on with the creature never appearing. Rikki summoned some owls because why the hell not.
  • Marquis, once again kills the foe and receiveS absolutely no credit when eventually the creature drops into another plane and the party searches for the terrified Skeezix.
  • Rejoining the party, Skeezix shows Rikki and Sophie a secret Kobold hideaway while Marquis keeps guard down below. There is a bonding moment between Sophie and Skeezix when he gives her what he calls a “homing device,” which he’d told her about earlier. The device will stay alight as long as its companion device is within a distance of 500 feet.
  • Derp, Forte, and Andrei bed down in a ruined structure nearby and the party sleeps..
Session Twenty: To Xander with Surprises
  • Sophie and Skeezix go round and round in futile attempts to reach a compromise. Skeezix refuses to bring the party to Xander and Sophie refuses to relent. Finally Skeezix claims he will guide them but suddenly attempts to run away.
  • Rikki gives chase but seems to be more interested in the weasel, who we now know is named Weezer, leaving LouLou behind in the rush. Catching Weezer with a quick snatch from Skeezix’s shoulder, she plays with the creature and befriends it while the kobold looks on aghast.
  • As he begs for his companion back, Mr. Derp snatches the kobold up and holds him fast while threatening to eat the miserable creature. Sophie again mediates and eventually, after much frustration on everyone’s party, Andrei is drunk and the kobold has agreed to lead the party.
  • The terms of the agreement are that since Xander, like all Quieter Ones, is extremely nervous about outsiders, when near her encampment all but one or two of the party shall stop, leaving Skeezix and Sophie to go on. The two of them make the beginnings of an awkward friendship as well when Skeezix mentions an invention called a “homing device.”
  • The party learns that the kobolds are far, far removed from any modern society. They use an ancient measurement of distance called a “farfignewton” and another measurement for time called a “nearfignewton.” Having no reference for day/night cycles, dietary habits, or sleep patterns, the party cannot determine the length of time needed to find Xander but they set on the path anyway.
  • Along the way Weezer finds a crucial component to the “homing device” exciting both Skeezix and Sophie.
  • After several hours of monotony Skeezix runs ahead and implies that they are near. About that time a presence is felt and with an exceptionally well rolled spot check one of the party spots an “invisible” humanoid shape.
  • Forte is then suddenly and forcefully attacked by what appears to be a gust of wind which wipes away half his health at a whim. Combat begins.
Session Nineteen: Negotiations
  • The party beds down for the night and there is much humor between Marquis and Forte as Marquis attempts to keep guard but mostly injures himself through clumsy spot checks.
  • Forte finds the weasel nibbling on his feet and then sees the kobold in the next room and attempting to catch it. He then teleports to the next room, startling the creature and causing it to flash him with its enormous light.
  • The light awakens Sophie and Forte ends the round blinded and deaf as those systems are linked in his warforged build. Sophie attempts to climb in the whole, falling to the ground and startling Forte again before he asks her to pull the two of clubs from his deck of cards.
  • Throwing the card to the ground, both are shocked as nothing happens but Sophie notices that the card no long has the same back as the other cards but a picture of a kobold.
  • As Forte called to the group to watch for the Quieter One, Rikki began to play the flute which Calderis had given them, finding it emitted a digital sounding tune and forced her to continue playing.
  • Derp attempted to take the flute from her, succeeding and shoving it into his loincloth as the kobold appears, intrigued by the sounds.
  • Sophie, attempting to allow Forte back into the room, blasts a hole through the wall, startling the kobold and sending it into a fearful frenzy. Running around the room, afraid, the kobold runs into Marquis as he enters and falls to the ground, momentarily unconscious.
  • As the Kobold comes to Andrei casts Spectral Hand over it to keep it in place and Rikki casts Comprehend Languages to understand its strange speak. It is agitated and wants the flute very much, but also longs to escape the presence of the party.
  • Sophie casts a spell to understand the kobold and learns his name is Skeezix. Asking about the Artifact or some sort of Quieter One leader, she is met with confusion. Skeezix begs for the flute but swears he knows nothing of these other things.
  • Trying her best to bargain with the creature and translate for the rest of the party, Sophie becomes frustrated and finally latches on to the idea that Skeezix could at least take them to someone he mentioned named Xander who knows much more about artifacts in general.
  • Finally, Mr. Derp’s beloved pocket watch is given to the Tech-Weasel as a token of good will.
Session Eighteen: Like Children in the Wild
  • Derp’s hallucinations were finally discussed, but were mostly dismissed. The party moved onwards toward where they believed the quieter ones might be, through an abandoned underground part of the city.
  • Eventually they reached an impasse which was depicted on the map and struggling to find a way round were guided by Derp along what he determined to be a track weary path.
  • After Derp pointing out especially large tracks leading down the path, something burst from an empty window and ran past the party. Forte spotted what looked like a very bizarre kobold with some sort of animal before the wall burst open with a monster storming Derp against the wall.
  • The Gray Render viciously attacked Derp, Sophie conjured a Lemure demon which daelt it great damage and Marquis swooped in to deal the final and fatal blow to the creature.
  • Before ressurecting the corpse of the Render, Andrei examined it to find a creature inside the animal which grabed him, crying all the while, before Rikki took it into her arms.
  • Andrei raised the Render as Rikki played with the child, creating much turmoil and drama between them. The baby was named Lou as Andrei and Sophie explored the whole, searching for kobolds.
  • Andrei spotted an old corpse being pilfered by a strange, small, furred creature as well as the remains of the Render’s sleeping mat.
  • Speaking to the kobold they imagined to be near, Andrei and Sophie hear no response and choose to loot the room, finding a wide array of gear as well as the Sword of Nine Lives and a journal telling of the illustrious Francis Barthalemue Whatsisnugat, IV, Esq., Ltd. who died of pricking his finger with the sword while trying to open a candy bar.
Session Seventeen: Recuperation
  • At some point in the night Andrei awakens briefly to see a familiar face above him. Enoch looks down on him and says, “Oh, shit.” before Andrei blacks out once more.
  • The party awakes in various states of distress, hung over and feeling ill. Marquis questions them on where they’ve been and Andrei interrogates Marquis as to the events of the past few days. In particular he wants to know if Marquis might’ve seen Enoch while the party slept the night before.
  • The party moves off to a nearby spring to wash themselves, all but Marquis and Derp who remains asleep, Batty covering his eyes like a sleeping mask.
  • The women in the party, Sophie and Rikki, bathing together postulate as to whether they can trust Marquis and if he is indeed still the Marquis they first met. Enoch’s motives come into doubt as well.
  • Regrouping, the party discusses recounts their visions to one another and theorizes about what they might mean. Most eyes point to Sophie but everyone is intrigued as well when Forte reveals that he recognized the General on the Airship. He was part of a special unit in the war with that Warforged as well as others. He and the others witnessed the destruction of Cyre but split up soon thereafter.
  • Rikki quite reluctantly reveals that her last vision involved the Professor Simon Morannis and a child while Andrei is cagey about what his visions were aside from saying that they involved “A turning point,” “A terrible death,” and “A triumphant future.”
  • Sophie’s visions seem to match the Airship vision best, the only one they all shared, and everyone is very curious about her family’s role in whatever may be happening be it war on Sharn or war by Sharn. She has little information to give.
  • Returning to the gift shop they are greeted once more by the gnome who says, “Welcome to Ye Olde Chuck’s Magic. . . um . . . The Whiskey Temple!” There is a special on pickled human livers.
  • After much haggling Andrei buys a bottle for Enoch of what is oddly enough called “Enoch’s Brew.” Evidently Enoch is well known to the whiskey temple and the bottle, while dusty, features a vintage far in the future.
  • Sophie buys little plushies for everyone: a wooly alligator for Forte, a whiskey bottle for Rikki, a beer mug for Andrei, a dire wombat for Derp, and a bearded gnome for Marquis.
  • Forte buys a plethora of random potions including one which is revealed to be an oil of weapon enchantment +2 with a random effect.
  • Finally, before leaving Andrei demands the best whiskey available for 30gp and is given, after much deliberation and from a secret compartment, a bottle which is also missing its label but on closer examination one can see that it once said something about an “Imperium of Man.” Andrei drinks it immediately.

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