Fire & Flood

Session Seventeen: Recuperation

  • At some point in the night Andrei awakens briefly to see a familiar face above him. Enoch looks down on him and says, “Oh, shit.” before Andrei blacks out once more.
  • The party awakes in various states of distress, hung over and feeling ill. Marquis questions them on where they’ve been and Andrei interrogates Marquis as to the events of the past few days. In particular he wants to know if Marquis might’ve seen Enoch while the party slept the night before.
  • The party moves off to a nearby spring to wash themselves, all but Marquis and Derp who remains asleep, Batty covering his eyes like a sleeping mask.
  • The women in the party, Sophie and Rikki, bathing together postulate as to whether they can trust Marquis and if he is indeed still the Marquis they first met. Enoch’s motives come into doubt as well.
  • Regrouping, the party discusses recounts their visions to one another and theorizes about what they might mean. Most eyes point to Sophie but everyone is intrigued as well when Forte reveals that he recognized the General on the Airship. He was part of a special unit in the war with that Warforged as well as others. He and the others witnessed the destruction of Cyre but split up soon thereafter.
  • Rikki quite reluctantly reveals that her last vision involved the Professor Simon Morannis and a child while Andrei is cagey about what his visions were aside from saying that they involved “A turning point,” “A terrible death,” and “A triumphant future.”
  • Sophie’s visions seem to match the Airship vision best, the only one they all shared, and everyone is very curious about her family’s role in whatever may be happening be it war on Sharn or war by Sharn. She has little information to give.
  • Returning to the gift shop they are greeted once more by the gnome who says, “Welcome to Ye Olde Chuck’s Magic. . . um . . . The Whiskey Temple!” There is a special on pickled human livers.
  • After much haggling Andrei buys a bottle for Enoch of what is oddly enough called “Enoch’s Brew.” Evidently Enoch is well known to the whiskey temple and the bottle, while dusty, features a vintage far in the future.
  • Sophie buys little plushies for everyone: a wooly alligator for Forte, a whiskey bottle for Rikki, a beer mug for Andrei, a dire wombat for Derp, and a bearded gnome for Marquis.
  • Forte buys a plethora of random potions including one which is revealed to be an oil of weapon enchantment +2 with a random effect.
  • Finally, before leaving Andrei demands the best whiskey available for 30gp and is given, after much deliberation and from a secret compartment, a bottle which is also missing its label but on closer examination one can see that it once said something about an “Imperium of Man.” Andrei drinks it immediately.



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