Fire & Flood

Session Eighteen: Like Children in the Wild

  • Derp’s hallucinations were finally discussed, but were mostly dismissed. The party moved onwards toward where they believed the quieter ones might be, through an abandoned underground part of the city.
  • Eventually they reached an impasse which was depicted on the map and struggling to find a way round were guided by Derp along what he determined to be a track weary path.
  • After Derp pointing out especially large tracks leading down the path, something burst from an empty window and ran past the party. Forte spotted what looked like a very bizarre kobold with some sort of animal before the wall burst open with a monster storming Derp against the wall.
  • The Gray Render viciously attacked Derp, Sophie conjured a Lemure demon which daelt it great damage and Marquis swooped in to deal the final and fatal blow to the creature.
  • Before ressurecting the corpse of the Render, Andrei examined it to find a creature inside the animal which grabed him, crying all the while, before Rikki took it into her arms.
  • Andrei raised the Render as Rikki played with the child, creating much turmoil and drama between them. The baby was named Lou as Andrei and Sophie explored the whole, searching for kobolds.
  • Andrei spotted an old corpse being pilfered by a strange, small, furred creature as well as the remains of the Render’s sleeping mat.
  • Speaking to the kobold they imagined to be near, Andrei and Sophie hear no response and choose to loot the room, finding a wide array of gear as well as the Sword of Nine Lives and a journal telling of the illustrious Francis Barthalemue Whatsisnugat, IV, Esq., Ltd. who died of pricking his finger with the sword while trying to open a candy bar.



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