Fire & Flood

Session Nineteen: Negotiations

  • The party beds down for the night and there is much humor between Marquis and Forte as Marquis attempts to keep guard but mostly injures himself through clumsy spot checks.
  • Forte finds the weasel nibbling on his feet and then sees the kobold in the next room and attempting to catch it. He then teleports to the next room, startling the creature and causing it to flash him with its enormous light.
  • The light awakens Sophie and Forte ends the round blinded and deaf as those systems are linked in his warforged build. Sophie attempts to climb in the whole, falling to the ground and startling Forte again before he asks her to pull the two of clubs from his deck of cards.
  • Throwing the card to the ground, both are shocked as nothing happens but Sophie notices that the card no long has the same back as the other cards but a picture of a kobold.
  • As Forte called to the group to watch for the Quieter One, Rikki began to play the flute which Calderis had given them, finding it emitted a digital sounding tune and forced her to continue playing.
  • Derp attempted to take the flute from her, succeeding and shoving it into his loincloth as the kobold appears, intrigued by the sounds.
  • Sophie, attempting to allow Forte back into the room, blasts a hole through the wall, startling the kobold and sending it into a fearful frenzy. Running around the room, afraid, the kobold runs into Marquis as he enters and falls to the ground, momentarily unconscious.
  • As the Kobold comes to Andrei casts Spectral Hand over it to keep it in place and Rikki casts Comprehend Languages to understand its strange speak. It is agitated and wants the flute very much, but also longs to escape the presence of the party.
  • Sophie casts a spell to understand the kobold and learns his name is Skeezix. Asking about the Artifact or some sort of Quieter One leader, she is met with confusion. Skeezix begs for the flute but swears he knows nothing of these other things.
  • Trying her best to bargain with the creature and translate for the rest of the party, Sophie becomes frustrated and finally latches on to the idea that Skeezix could at least take them to someone he mentioned named Xander who knows much more about artifacts in general.
  • Finally, Mr. Derp’s beloved pocket watch is given to the Tech-Weasel as a token of good will.



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