Fire & Flood

Session Twenty One: The Unknown Threat

  • Fighting the invisible presence which had previously attacked Forte, Sophie attempted to dispel magic only to find no effect.
  • Specifically targeting Forte, the fight dragged on with the creature never appearing. Rikki summoned some owls because why the hell not.
  • Marquis, once again kills the foe and receiveS absolutely no credit when eventually the creature drops into another plane and the party searches for the terrified Skeezix.
  • Rejoining the party, Skeezix shows Rikki and Sophie a secret Kobold hideaway while Marquis keeps guard down below. There is a bonding moment between Sophie and Skeezix when he gives her what he calls a “homing device,” which he’d told her about earlier. The device will stay alight as long as its companion device is within a distance of 500 feet.
  • Derp, Forte, and Andrei bed down in a ruined structure nearby and the party sleeps..



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