Sophie d'Cannith

The Tinker


A human female Cleric, Sophia, aka Sophie, is struggling to make a name for herself in the shadow of her father, House Cannith Patriarch Merrix d’Cannith.


Sophie grew up with her father, mother (Mireille) and her elder sister, Rosalind. When she was a child, her family owned a shih tzu named William and she called him Billy. Unlike Rosalind, who thrives is any social setting, Sophie was never really at peace in high society’s who’s who. Sophie always felt best tinkering with anything she could get her hands on. Sophie loves her family very much and trusts them implicitly, especially her father, who always supported his daughter’s mechanical endeavors. It was Merrix that gave Sophie her favorite wrench, Tabitha.

Sophie has a very large, extended family within House Cannith, but a rather small one on her mother’s side. Mireille ir’Dain’s is a once very wealthy family originally from Cyre with Mireille the youngest of five siblings; her elder sisters Madolin, Margot and Mariette, and elder brother Jairan ir’Dain, now the New Cyrian ambassador in Sharn.

Merrix and Mireille choose to keep their daughter’s Dragon Mark a secret since an early age from the rest of the house, to avoid further dispute within the House. Mireille’s sisters have always been particularly power hungry and they have been kept at a good arm’s length from Sophie’s bare back.

Sophie grew up with the companionship of a warforged named Forte. Sophie noticed her father take an interest in Forte and Sophie, seeking to mimic her father, did too. But a genuine bond formed between Sophie and Forte and the two have hardly left each other’s company. It was Sophie’s interest in Forte that made her ponder what it means to ‘be alive’ and the idea of the soul. Sophie believes that all living beings have a soul and that the soul has limitless power, even the power to give life to machines.

Forte accompanied Sophie when she left home at the age of 23 to learn from the Fabricator’s Guild, a guild run by House Cannith. Forte’s second-class citizenship is deeply troubling to Sophie and she is fiercely protective of him.

At the guild, Sophie grew attached to the guild ‘grandpa,’ a human by the name of Randy. Over the course of two years, Sophie sought to design and build the world’s very first gun, and created a functioning prototype, a birdcage-like contraption that she affectionately named Snapper. Despite his snarky attitude, Sophie knows that Randy is the best friend she’s got in the guild, next to Forte.

Sophie is afraid of vampires and, more recently, vampiric dire wombats. She feels most comfortable in a pair of overalls and her lucky cap. Sophie also has a sweet tooth and her favorite food is a fresh crepe with strawberries and cream.

Sophie d'Cannith

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