Fire & Flood

Session Six: The Drunken Bear

The party reaches the bar mentioned in the leads, and it was indeed flooded.

The Bar

  • Famous for being one of the most rough and lawless bars and brothels in all of Sharn, The Drunken Bear is located deep in the depths, one of very few business which manage to prosper in the underworld. Known city wide as being the place to go if you want to hire someone to do something truly terrible, most surface dwellers who attempt to make there way there don’t survive the journey.
  • Famous for doping customers and selling them as slaves, many are weary of the Drunken Bear but many think of it as having a certain kind of charm.
  • The bar is run by a buxom Elven woman named Emma who is actually a level five monk. The bar’s regulars lovingly refer to her as Emma Von Cleavage but she keeps them at arms length. She runs the bar with her bodyguard Darp, a dim witted Half Orc Barbarian.
  • The bar is called the Drunken Bear because it is home to a large brown bear which inexplicable wandered into the bar some twenty years ago, grabbed a bottle of whiskey off the bar and sat down in the corner. The owner at the time thought it would attract patrons so fed the bear and kept it in booze, giving it a hovel out back to sleep in.
  • The bear is actually intelligent but cannot speak and so is terribly depressed. He has taught himself to write though and keeps a pad on his table to communicate with Emma.
  • The bar is two floors with rooms to rent and a couple of resident whores to boot, but it was recently flooded on the main floor when water began to pour through a hole in the wall.
  • The bar was especially susceptible because it sits in what once may have been a courtyard or square but is recessed by about five feet with stairs all around it. The building is newer than the ruins around it though and built from detritus. It is now surrounded by a wall of sandbags and walkways built of wood.


  • Contacts at the bar know of the quiet ones but do not know of the quieter ones.
  • The bar appears to be a dead end with very little information gained from Emma or its patrons. Hijinks ensue with a drunken bounty hunter though, because of course they do.
  • Before leaving, Derp befriends the drunken bear, learning little but gaining a poem to be read later.
Session Five: Rumblings
  • After commiserating on where to explore first, the party decides that the flooded bar mentioned in Markus’ notes would be a good place to start.
  • Moving through the city the party comes upon a political rally staged by The Order of the Ring. A mid-level city commissioner named Ernest Kunstsqueiler is standing on stage stirring the working class crowd into a frenzy over high taxes from King Boranel, anti-monarchy sentiments, pro-capitalist, etc. He calls upon the warforged (Forte) to speak a few words. He moves on to talks of starting the forges again and letting House Cannith turn Sharn into a center of industry, building warforged for military purposes once again.
  • A friend watches from above. . .
  • The team makes its way through shadier and shadier parts of the city before arriving at a door to some maintenance tunnels leading down into the depths. After trekking for a while the party comes upon a group of crazy, very weak goblins who have domesticated a gelatinous cube with the plan to force adventurers into it and gather the treasure after it is excreted.
    The party defeats the cube but all have taken damage and the party begins to tire.
Session Four: Liason
  • The party goes to see Vincent and is rebuffed. Rikki tries to tempt the gnome with her feminine whiles, but things go south quickly when Forte makes an all too accurate comment about Vincent’s family name. Marquis steps in at the most opportune time and they are given entrance.
  • The party is instantly mistrustful of Marquis and he does nothing to dispel the feeling. After talking with Vincent they are given a map showing the locations of powerpoints and grids in the framework. Similar to Morannis’ map, it may prove useful.
  • After regrouping at Andrei’s office, Rikki sets out to purchase some items while Forte and Sophie go back to the Fabricators Guild to do some routine maintenance. Mr. Derp and Andrei leave to sell some of the gear they have so far acquired but on the way is confronted in the street by Roberto (A male shifter in his 30s who is a two bit hustler who “knows a guy” and is looking to procure the artifact himself because he’s heard through the grapevine that there are several groups, very powerful and wealthy groups, that are searching for it.) He claims to know Andrei and asks them to accompany him to a local bar. He proceeds to tell Andrei that there are many parties interested in the Artifact and that there are several bounties on Andrei’s head. All of them are only good if he is killed topside. We also learn that no one seems to be aware that Forte and Sophie are part of the party, though it is known that Andrei has acquired a warforge and tinker. During dialog Marquis shows up and stops Roberto. They step out back and off screen Marquis kills Roberto.
  • The party regroups once again at Andrei’s office where it is decided that they will make their way underground immediately and by the route least traveled.

The Liason:

  • Marquis (A male human dex-based fighter) arrives where Marquis should not. He has been trailing them. He will travel with them for a while and provide updates (skrying?) to his boss, Markus.
  • Tall, stern, well dressed and wearing sunglasses, Marquis wears a Signet ring of the House Tharashk, bearing a lesser Dragon Mark of Finding. (Know Direction 2/day = Helping Hand 1/day)
  • He introduces himself as an agent of Markus, the one to contact the Detective within two days. Consider yourself contacted.
Session Three: Things to Come
  • The day winds down, only so much can be done…
  • The party searches out the Elf called Enoch in the morning.
  • An air taxi is rented to fly toward The Skyway, the most prestigious neighborhood which floats high above the city.
  • The group sticks out like a sore thumb up in the Skyway but make their way to Enoch’s unassaulted. Enoch, however, is unimpressed with them.
  • Enoch is indeed the same Elf listed on the old expedition map, but has used many names over the years. The expedition was his first experience in The Depths and drove him to turn these expeditions into a career.
  • He eventually gives them the fragment of the artifact which he holds, a tiny sliver of glowing stone, the size of a toothpick. The old adventurer has used it in a variety of ways, channeling energy through it for everything from attacks to as a power source for his mansion. He tells them that it can channel lightning. (Once per day this item can be used to cast “Chain Lightning” according to the weilder’s abilities.)
  • Enoch also says that he encountered the Quieter Ones many times and may give the party a special flute, made from what appears to be ancient piping, and teach the Bard a tune. He says that this tune, played by this flute, is the only way to convince the Kobolds of the party’s good intentions. The Kobolds have lived undergroud for so long that their sight is stunted but their hearing is incredibly nuanced. He will also give Forte a magical deck of cards.
  • Finally, Enoch tells the party that the mission they are on is not quite what it seems, and that they should be careful. The enemies they may encounter in the depths are not the enemies which they should fear. He says that over the years he has developed a kind of sixth sense for endeavors such as these but that the feelings he gets now are of a storm brewing, with too many different intertwining webs to see fully.
  • Enoch will tell them of the Vampire Calderis, who holds court in the sewers of Sharn as another source of information.
  • He regails Lindsey with stories of a mad group of gnomes that lives deep in the bellows of an ancient cathedral and brew a magical whiskey imbued with the spirits of long forgotten gods. He has a magical item which he will pass to one of the group.
  • After returning to the ground levels of the city, the party encounters Elven assassins in a surprise attack, all female and all dressed in black leather. The Elves are all devoid of any identifying papers or marks. One, however, has a tattoo on her right shoulder of curious design, being the mark of Calderis.
Session Two: A Gathering of Minds
  • The detective gathers associates.

Lindsey (Andrei) – Human Male Necromancer – The Detective
Austin (Rikki) – Shifter Female Bard – The Student
Josiah (Mr. Derp) – Half-Orc Male Barbarian – The Hired Muscle
Bernadette (Sophie) – Human Female Cleric – The Tinker
TJ (Forte) – Warforged Duskblade – The Protector

  • The Leads…

Simon – A quirky young human college professor who teaches anthropology and studies the ancient ruins beneath Sharn. He specializes in antiquarian books and tomes, but has never ventured far from the University. His father was a professor there as well and he is followed by a bat-shit crazy parrot named Fennis who constantly berates him with insults. One of the stories he tells is of a reclusive group of intelligent kobolds who live beneath the city. An ancient tribe who are said to worship the Artifact.

Enoch – A very aged Elf adventurer who spend his entire, long life living, fighting and spelunking in The Depths. He now lives in a luxurious house. He has a tiny fragment of the statue, which he uses to power the entire home. He tells of different adventures, but always trails off. He regales Lindsey with stories of a mad group of gnomes that lives deep in the bellows of an ancient cathedral and brew a magical whiskey imbued with the spirits of long forgotten gods. He passes a piece of the artifact on to one of the party.

Vincent – A portly, pissed off gnome functionary who is in charge of the city’s records-property lines, old blueprints, etc. He has all of the schematics and documents from the last known maintenance cycle for The Framework, performed 250 years ago, but it is all top secret. As the group is arguing with him, Marquis makes himself apparent and allows their entrance.

A map of the disturbances in “The Framework” showing trouble spots such as leaks, crackles of energy, abandoned access stations, etc.

A list of strange occurrences which may be related to the issue such as a flooded Inn in The Depths, a closed off subway restroom with lightning bolts in the plumbing, a strange area which appears scientific but is over run with feral kobolds.

  • The party goes to the crafter’s guild to hire a tinker (Bernadette).
  • Randy, the hiremaster for House Cannith’s Fabricator’s Guild is less than helpful, but suggests the Rookie and her Keeper for a price of 25gp per day. The party is unimpressed with Sophie’s “birdhouse.”
  • Follow up on a lead, Professor Morannis. Highjinks in the library of Morgrave University leave Forte with some highly specialized knowledge and Rikki with an interesting fine.
  • Morannis is less than helpful, but gives the party 3000gp to fund an “expedition” to find proof of The Framework, thereby showing the legitimacy of his research. Information is giver, however, on a group of Kobolds known as The Quieter Ones, who supposedly served as guides and assistants for the builders of The Framework. The tribe has become near mythical by now, but is believed to still exist and to monitor the parts of the grid left lost by all others since.
    The party recieves a map from the Morannis’ family’s last expedition to search The Depths, roughly two hundred years ago, which came into contact with The Quieter Ones. The party, originally numbering 24, returned but three. One of the surviving members is listed as a young Elf named Enoch Smith.
  • The map shows the area where the expeditionary group believed the Kobold tribe to be centered, as well as two places they made contact with them, both at areas containing remnants of strange, ancient machinery.
Session One: A Commission
  • An artifact has been lost. A representative (Markus, a level 7 sorcerer) of the city council comes to a detective and asks for help. Not a well known detective, but a well respected one. He tells the detective of the artifact, shows him a sketch of fire elemental, his arms thrown skyward in rage. The detective notices a ring the representative wears. A ring with the coat of arms of the Lord Mayor, Aurellion Endris.
  • Known only to the highest levels of government, the structure beneath Sharn is not what it seems. Eight hundred years ago, when Breggor began to rebuild the city that had been known as Shaarat, his mages found that the foundations were deteriorating and that the seas threatened to break through into what would one day be called “The Cogs.” The mages came up with a complex system of magical braces, built in a complex spiderweb across the depths of Sharn, powered by artifacts imbued with the souls of Fire Elementals. The crux of this system was a source of power already ancient, even then. A statue forged by the Dhakaani in the cities early days, a magical item holding the imprisoned soul of the great Fire God who dwelt in the lava pools under the city that would be Sharn.
  • The statue has gone missing. Stories passed on from agents in The Depths have told of structures collapsing and small leaks from the sea. The network of magical bracing is slowly failing and no one knows for how long this has been happening. Know one knows the extent of the system or where its nexus lies.
  • Markus is tasked with finding the statue. The detective is tasked with finding the statue. The detective is confused, there is very little to go on as to where to find this artifact. In the Depths, says the Representative. In the depths. “Gather a team if you wish, or go alone. These are the leads I have. . . You will be contacted by one of my associates (Mr. Smith) in two days time. I will expect an update.”
  • A price is given. The response, “You misunderstand. The price has already been set and it is large. You have no choice in this matter.” The price is exceptionally large. Calm threats are made. A secret told. A deal is brokered.
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