Farengix is an early member of the Illish-kikai tribe of kobolds, now natives of The Depths. Living in the time long before humans had come to Khorvaire and even before the goblins had founded their city where Sharn now stands, he was renowned for developing many theories and technologies which seemed to be sorts of magic, but were not.

One of his most famous discoveries, though it has for the most part only been known to the Navarrix, was that time is but a plane, much like any other, though much harder to view and nearly impossible to reach through.

It was Farengix too who found a way to capture an ancient fire god in what is now known as the Artifact or the Parthanis. After constructing the Parthanis, even Farengix became afraid of its power and looked to the future to see what should become of it.

According to the Navarrix: He said one day one would come to take it, and when they did, we should let it go. That was the best alternative, though it still did not mean that the future bode well. Time was a nebulous plane, he wrote, and there were no certainties. This was, however, most likely to result in the best outcome.

Aside from the Parthanis all of Farengix’s works are lost, though his writings remain passed down from Navarrix to Navarrix. Roughly eight hundred years ago, in the time of King Breggor the documents were referenced by the then-Navarrix who discovered through them that Sharn threatened to fall into the sea. Convincing the humans that only the Parthanis and the Framework which the Quieter Ones built around it could save Sharn, it was constructed, but with all records destroyed.

The most recent “Prophecy” of Farengix is spoken by the Navarrix to the party of Fire & Flood:

In times of old, was a fire god stolen.
And captured then, left to us—his powers tamed.
So that through the years, still his totem broken,
He’s upheld the that city, and all the same.
But a time will come, when the god’s not needed,
That an evil force, the totem shall claim
And all our warnings, and knowledge unheeded,
’Til time of flying fire, then will reign.


Fire & Flood Rabo_Karabekian