House Cannith in Sharn

House Cannith in Sharn is led by Baron Merrix d’Cannith1 (Lawful Evil Human male, artificer 9/Dragonmark heir 3), patriarch of the southern branch of the family, and leading candidate for the overall leadership of the once powerful house.

Unknown to most outside of the Sharn branch, Merrix operates a secret forge in the cogs, turning out new warforged (some of the new, magic wielding variety). The operation is secretly being run by a mysterious old and eccentric human dragomark who goes by the name of Ferris Mars (Chaotic Evil Human male, Arificer 10, Greater Mark of Making), in reality the brilliant House Cannith Artificer behind Project 152.

Merrix, father of Sophie d’Cannith, is also married to Murielle ir’Dain, sister to the Cyrian ambassador to Breland Jairan ir’Dain (LG Male Human Aristocrat 6) as well as Sophie’s three aunts, Margot, Madilyn, and Meriette, once influential aristocrats in their own right in Cyre, who are trying to rebuild the legacy of the family and Cyre in general. Margot (CN Female Human Aristocrat 4) in particular puts much pressure on Meriel, and Merrix by extension, to help in this endeavor. Meriel, Sophie’s mother and Merrix’s wife, prefers to keep quiet on the matter.

House Cannith in Sharn is closely aligned with New Cyre, more so than any other branch as New Cyre in Breland is the largest group of Cyrian refugees.

House Cannith in Sharn

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