The Depths

The Depths is the general term for the underground, neglected parts of Sharn which form a buffer between it and then even deeper Cogs. A huge complex of former parts of the city, ruins, old city infrastructure, and dungeons, the Depths is a dangerous, despicable place which accumulates the dregs of society as well as demons and foul creatures.

Even so, many adventurers and treasure hunters travel the Depths to search for artifacts of previous civilizations and to peruse some of its more interesting locations.

Some of those, scattered throughout the various districts and divisions of the Depths include The Drunken Bear Bar and Inn, the alleged The Whiskey Temple, and the supposed home of the vampire queen Calderus.

The Depths are streaked with rarely seen conduits of energy known as The Framework which according to legend in powered by an ancient artifact.

The Depths

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