Fire & Flood is an Eberron campaign set some years after the time of the normal setting. Centered in Sharn, the campaign follows the adventures of a small party led by the troubled Detective Andrei Molakov who has been commissioned by the city’s powerful Mayor to find an ancient Artifact which is crucial to the survival of the great City of Towers.

Accompanied by her secretary Rikki Thenia, and some hired muscle in the form of Mr. Derp, Andrei finds himself enlisting a mechanic named Sophie d’Cannith, who is also the daughter of a powerful Dragon House leader, and her loyal guardian Forte.

Interacting with persons at all levels of the society from bartenders and politicians to influence mongers, and mysterious figures, the party has found itself ostensibly looking for a strange race of kobolds but really they may find themselves at the center of a complex web of intrigue and danger. Only time and their personal decisions will tell. . .

Here you will find articles on various plot related NPCs, organizations, items and lore. Feel free to look around and please don’t hesitate to make suggestions!

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