Fire & Flood

Session Five: Rumblings

  • After commiserating on where to explore first, the party decides that the flooded bar mentioned in Markus’ notes would be a good place to start.
  • Moving through the city the party comes upon a political rally staged by The Order of the Ring. A mid-level city commissioner named Ernest Kunstsqueiler is standing on stage stirring the working class crowd into a frenzy over high taxes from King Boranel, anti-monarchy sentiments, pro-capitalist, etc. He calls upon the warforged (Forte) to speak a few words. He moves on to talks of starting the forges again and letting House Cannith turn Sharn into a center of industry, building warforged for military purposes once again.
  • A friend watches from above. . .
  • The team makes its way through shadier and shadier parts of the city before arriving at a door to some maintenance tunnels leading down into the depths. After trekking for a while the party comes upon a group of crazy, very weak goblins who have domesticated a gelatinous cube with the plan to force adventurers into it and gather the treasure after it is excreted.
    The party defeats the cube but all have taken damage and the party begins to tire.



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