Fire & Flood

Session Four: Liason

  • The party goes to see Vincent and is rebuffed. Rikki tries to tempt the gnome with her feminine whiles, but things go south quickly when Forte makes an all too accurate comment about Vincent’s family name. Marquis steps in at the most opportune time and they are given entrance.
  • The party is instantly mistrustful of Marquis and he does nothing to dispel the feeling. After talking with Vincent they are given a map showing the locations of powerpoints and grids in the framework. Similar to Morannis’ map, it may prove useful.
  • After regrouping at Andrei’s office, Rikki sets out to purchase some items while Forte and Sophie go back to the Fabricators Guild to do some routine maintenance. Mr. Derp and Andrei leave to sell some of the gear they have so far acquired but on the way is confronted in the street by Roberto (A male shifter in his 30s who is a two bit hustler who “knows a guy” and is looking to procure the artifact himself because he’s heard through the grapevine that there are several groups, very powerful and wealthy groups, that are searching for it.) He claims to know Andrei and asks them to accompany him to a local bar. He proceeds to tell Andrei that there are many parties interested in the Artifact and that there are several bounties on Andrei’s head. All of them are only good if he is killed topside. We also learn that no one seems to be aware that Forte and Sophie are part of the party, though it is known that Andrei has acquired a warforge and tinker. During dialog Marquis shows up and stops Roberto. They step out back and off screen Marquis kills Roberto.
  • The party regroups once again at Andrei’s office where it is decided that they will make their way underground immediately and by the route least traveled.

The Liason:

  • Marquis (A male human dex-based fighter) arrives where Marquis should not. He has been trailing them. He will travel with them for a while and provide updates (skrying?) to his boss, Markus.
  • Tall, stern, well dressed and wearing sunglasses, Marquis wears a Signet ring of the House Tharashk, bearing a lesser Dragon Mark of Finding. (Know Direction 2/day = Helping Hand 1/day)
  • He introduces himself as an agent of Markus, the one to contact the Detective within two days. Consider yourself contacted.



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