Fire & Flood

Session One: A Commission

  • An artifact has been lost. A representative (Markus, a level 7 sorcerer) of the city council comes to a detective and asks for help. Not a well known detective, but a well respected one. He tells the detective of the artifact, shows him a sketch of fire elemental, his arms thrown skyward in rage. The detective notices a ring the representative wears. A ring with the coat of arms of the Lord Mayor, Aurellion Endris.
  • Known only to the highest levels of government, the structure beneath Sharn is not what it seems. Eight hundred years ago, when Breggor began to rebuild the city that had been known as Shaarat, his mages found that the foundations were deteriorating and that the seas threatened to break through into what would one day be called “The Cogs.” The mages came up with a complex system of magical braces, built in a complex spiderweb across the depths of Sharn, powered by artifacts imbued with the souls of Fire Elementals. The crux of this system was a source of power already ancient, even then. A statue forged by the Dhakaani in the cities early days, a magical item holding the imprisoned soul of the great Fire God who dwelt in the lava pools under the city that would be Sharn.
  • The statue has gone missing. Stories passed on from agents in The Depths have told of structures collapsing and small leaks from the sea. The network of magical bracing is slowly failing and no one knows for how long this has been happening. Know one knows the extent of the system or where its nexus lies.
  • Markus is tasked with finding the statue. The detective is tasked with finding the statue. The detective is confused, there is very little to go on as to where to find this artifact. In the Depths, says the Representative. In the depths. “Gather a team if you wish, or go alone. These are the leads I have. . . You will be contacted by one of my associates (Mr. Smith) in two days time. I will expect an update.”
  • A price is given. The response, “You misunderstand. The price has already been set and it is large. You have no choice in this matter.” The price is exceptionally large. Calm threats are made. A secret told. A deal is brokered.



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