Fire & Flood

Session Six: The Drunken Bear

The party reaches the bar mentioned in the leads, and it was indeed flooded.

The Bar

  • Famous for being one of the most rough and lawless bars and brothels in all of Sharn, The Drunken Bear is located deep in the depths, one of very few business which manage to prosper in the underworld. Known city wide as being the place to go if you want to hire someone to do something truly terrible, most surface dwellers who attempt to make there way there don’t survive the journey.
  • Famous for doping customers and selling them as slaves, many are weary of the Drunken Bear but many think of it as having a certain kind of charm.
  • The bar is run by a buxom Elven woman named Emma who is actually a level five monk. The bar’s regulars lovingly refer to her as Emma Von Cleavage but she keeps them at arms length. She runs the bar with her bodyguard Darp, a dim witted Half Orc Barbarian.
  • The bar is called the Drunken Bear because it is home to a large brown bear which inexplicable wandered into the bar some twenty years ago, grabbed a bottle of whiskey off the bar and sat down in the corner. The owner at the time thought it would attract patrons so fed the bear and kept it in booze, giving it a hovel out back to sleep in.
  • The bear is actually intelligent but cannot speak and so is terribly depressed. He has taught himself to write though and keeps a pad on his table to communicate with Emma.
  • The bar is two floors with rooms to rent and a couple of resident whores to boot, but it was recently flooded on the main floor when water began to pour through a hole in the wall.
  • The bar was especially susceptible because it sits in what once may have been a courtyard or square but is recessed by about five feet with stairs all around it. The building is newer than the ruins around it though and built from detritus. It is now surrounded by a wall of sandbags and walkways built of wood.


  • Contacts at the bar know of the quiet ones but do not know of the quieter ones.
  • The bar appears to be a dead end with very little information gained from Emma or its patrons. Hijinks ensue with a drunken bounty hunter though, because of course they do.
  • Before leaving, Derp befriends the drunken bear, learning little but gaining a poem to be read later.



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