Fire & Flood

Session Three: Things to Come

  • The day winds down, only so much can be done…
  • The party searches out the Elf called Enoch in the morning.
  • An air taxi is rented to fly toward The Skyway, the most prestigious neighborhood which floats high above the city.
  • The group sticks out like a sore thumb up in the Skyway but make their way to Enoch’s unassaulted. Enoch, however, is unimpressed with them.
  • Enoch is indeed the same Elf listed on the old expedition map, but has used many names over the years. The expedition was his first experience in The Depths and drove him to turn these expeditions into a career.
  • He eventually gives them the fragment of the artifact which he holds, a tiny sliver of glowing stone, the size of a toothpick. The old adventurer has used it in a variety of ways, channeling energy through it for everything from attacks to as a power source for his mansion. He tells them that it can channel lightning. (Once per day this item can be used to cast “Chain Lightning” according to the weilder’s abilities.)
  • Enoch also says that he encountered the Quieter Ones many times and may give the party a special flute, made from what appears to be ancient piping, and teach the Bard a tune. He says that this tune, played by this flute, is the only way to convince the Kobolds of the party’s good intentions. The Kobolds have lived undergroud for so long that their sight is stunted but their hearing is incredibly nuanced. He will also give Forte a magical deck of cards.
  • Finally, Enoch tells the party that the mission they are on is not quite what it seems, and that they should be careful. The enemies they may encounter in the depths are not the enemies which they should fear. He says that over the years he has developed a kind of sixth sense for endeavors such as these but that the feelings he gets now are of a storm brewing, with too many different intertwining webs to see fully.
  • Enoch will tell them of the Vampire Calderis, who holds court in the sewers of Sharn as another source of information.
  • He regails Lindsey with stories of a mad group of gnomes that lives deep in the bellows of an ancient cathedral and brew a magical whiskey imbued with the spirits of long forgotten gods. He has a magical item which he will pass to one of the group.
  • After returning to the ground levels of the city, the party encounters Elven assassins in a surprise attack, all female and all dressed in black leather. The Elves are all devoid of any identifying papers or marks. One, however, has a tattoo on her right shoulder of curious design, being the mark of Calderis.



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