Fire & Flood

Session Twenty Three: The Artifact

  • Confronting the Navarrix, the party remained silent as he opened a panel in the center of the room, revealing a long spiral staircase leading down.
  • Guiding them down the stairs quietly, the Navarrix marches on as Derp notices that Marquis is acting odd and nervous. Andrei is suspicious of him and his nervous twitches and spasms and so trains his ghoul (Bitey) and a spectral hand on Marquis.
  • There is a door, a grand and ancient door, and as the Navarrix stands before it he says, “Are you ready?”
  • Everyone agrees they are and Andrei enters first.
  • The large room resembles a mad scientist’s laboratory with a large dias in the center on which sits a brass artifact, presumably THE artifact. Forte sees what looks like another artifact, but made of glass, hanging above it.
  • Forte immediately walks closer to investigate and suffers a devastating attack from what appears to be an Elemental.
  • As the elemental flies about and Forte realizes it is a rare Electricity Elemental, Derp grapples it to the ground and nearly dies.
  • Sophie notices Marquis has dissappeared and Rusty starts grappling the monster. Finally, combat is finished and the ravaged party realizes the artifact is also gone.
  • Assuming Marquis to be the thief, Andrei commands the ghoul to find him and bite him. The party then mounts the stairs to find an angry Navarrix waiting for them at the top.
  • Walking back up the stairs the Navarrix tells them the Artifact is gone. He says they are the first to come see it in a very long time and when Sophie mentions the shard from Enoch the Navarrix says yes, he remembers that, and destroys it..
  • The Navarrix tells them he knew it was going to be taken and tells of Farengix and how he saw time as a plane. He left a prophecy that the future was uncertain and the theft not to be desired but was foretold as the least of all evils.
  • He saw no one else leave and tracking proves inconclusive, but. . .
  • Enoch is there. . . .



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