Fire & Flood

Session Two: A Gathering of Minds

  • The detective gathers associates.

Lindsey (Andrei) – Human Male Necromancer – The Detective
Austin (Rikki) – Shifter Female Bard – The Student
Josiah (Mr. Derp) – Half-Orc Male Barbarian – The Hired Muscle
Bernadette (Sophie) – Human Female Cleric – The Tinker
TJ (Forte) – Warforged Duskblade – The Protector

  • The Leads…

Simon – A quirky young human college professor who teaches anthropology and studies the ancient ruins beneath Sharn. He specializes in antiquarian books and tomes, but has never ventured far from the University. His father was a professor there as well and he is followed by a bat-shit crazy parrot named Fennis who constantly berates him with insults. One of the stories he tells is of a reclusive group of intelligent kobolds who live beneath the city. An ancient tribe who are said to worship the Artifact.

Enoch – A very aged Elf adventurer who spend his entire, long life living, fighting and spelunking in The Depths. He now lives in a luxurious house. He has a tiny fragment of the statue, which he uses to power the entire home. He tells of different adventures, but always trails off. He regales Lindsey with stories of a mad group of gnomes that lives deep in the bellows of an ancient cathedral and brew a magical whiskey imbued with the spirits of long forgotten gods. He passes a piece of the artifact on to one of the party.

Vincent – A portly, pissed off gnome functionary who is in charge of the city’s records-property lines, old blueprints, etc. He has all of the schematics and documents from the last known maintenance cycle for The Framework, performed 250 years ago, but it is all top secret. As the group is arguing with him, Marquis makes himself apparent and allows their entrance.

A map of the disturbances in “The Framework” showing trouble spots such as leaks, crackles of energy, abandoned access stations, etc.

A list of strange occurrences which may be related to the issue such as a flooded Inn in The Depths, a closed off subway restroom with lightning bolts in the plumbing, a strange area which appears scientific but is over run with feral kobolds.

  • The party goes to the crafter’s guild to hire a tinker (Bernadette).
  • Randy, the hiremaster for House Cannith’s Fabricator’s Guild is less than helpful, but suggests the Rookie and her Keeper for a price of 25gp per day. The party is unimpressed with Sophie’s “birdhouse.”
  • Follow up on a lead, Professor Morannis. Highjinks in the library of Morgrave University leave Forte with some highly specialized knowledge and Rikki with an interesting fine.
  • Morannis is less than helpful, but gives the party 3000gp to fund an “expedition” to find proof of The Framework, thereby showing the legitimacy of his research. Information is giver, however, on a group of Kobolds known as The Quieter Ones, who supposedly served as guides and assistants for the builders of The Framework. The tribe has become near mythical by now, but is believed to still exist and to monitor the parts of the grid left lost by all others since.
    The party recieves a map from the Morannis’ family’s last expedition to search The Depths, roughly two hundred years ago, which came into contact with The Quieter Ones. The party, originally numbering 24, returned but three. One of the surviving members is listed as a young Elf named Enoch Smith.
  • The map shows the area where the expeditionary group believed the Kobold tribe to be centered, as well as two places they made contact with them, both at areas containing remnants of strange, ancient machinery.



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