Fire & Flood

Session Twenty Five: The Red Lights

  • After bedding down for the night the party awakes to confront the information gleaned from Enoch and the loss of the Artifact.
  • Searching for food Derp finds what appears to be a demonic, gigantic cricket which Andrei idly predicts is planar and possibly demonic before Derp eats it (of course).
  • Fiercely hallucinating, Derp devours the creature and suddenly can see across planes. He finds a secret passage of Calderus’ and leads the party quickly to the surface.
  • Emerging in the Red Light District in the very early morning there are few street goers; an unnatural number in fact, no doubt a result of the curfew and marshal law.
  • Attempting to mate with what he sees as a Mermaid, Derp feels a shift in his stomach and falls unconscious.
  • The party returns to Andrei’s office to find his downstairs neighbor Darren idly round the building. He tells them there have been developments upstairs and the party moves quickly to discover them.
  • In the meantime Derp awakes astride Rusty and Darren gives him an antitoxin which promptly causes him to vacate his bowels of dozens of strange demons and entities which scurry off.
  • Andrei finds a strange Elf he immediately identifies as the smuggler Morewyn in his office, scrying in the center of a barren room.
  • While Andrei looks for any sign of what transpired and finds nothing left but wall fixtures, Darren tells him of how he was requested to identify a body which indeed looked much like Andrei a week prior. Assuming the corpse must have been one of his “back ups” and that Darren was bribed, the subject is dropped.
  • Having just survived an assassination attempt and having seen her smuggling empire destroyed by her seeming clients, Morewyn asks Andrei to disguise a corpse as herself to fake her own death.
  • Andrei agrees and as he sculpts the corpse Sophie hears voices outside. They mention something about find “the war forged” and a leader named Finesse.
  • The voices quickly disappear the party, nervous, leaves and splits up to allow Morewyn to dump her “corpse” in the river with the agreement that they should all reconvene at the Mechanic’s Guild Hall.
  • Along the way, after recieving a reply from her sister, Sophie and Forte are ambushed and he is taken. As her Status spell goes silent Sophie is left at a loss. . .



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