Fire & Flood

Session Twenty Four: An Old Aquaintance

  • Idly watching the party emerge, Enoch confronts them with their failure to protect the artifact. There is more at hand here though, they soon learn.
  • Not only is the Artifact potentially only a piece of a bigger puzzle and a powerful prize to be fought over by the powers that be, there have been many changes in the world above as our adventurers searched in the Depths.
  • Above ground marshal law has been declared and curfews put into place. Political prisoners have been taken and many individuals have “disappeared,” including Merrix d’Cannith and Sophie’s Guild Master Randy as well as a certain Professor Simon Morannis.
  • The head of House Phiarlan has been arrested on shadowy charges and in her place Mayor Endris has taken charge of the house. Andrei’s bounty has been turned in and he has been declared dead by city officials.
  • Forte’s bounty has remained in place, however high and rare it may be to find it. Unknown forces are nearly as interested in the whereabouts of Forte as that of the Artifact.
  • Enoch theorizes that Marquis must have been implanted with a hypnotic trigger at the sight of the Artifact as any other subterfuge would have been recognized, especially by the Vampire Calderus.
  • As Enoch informs them of the world above Andrei sends his ghoul Bitey after Marquis and Sophie is given a scrying device, much like her new homing beacon, which Enoch retrieved from Calderus.
  • As they exit the world of the Quieter Ones Sophie is given a Tech Weasel by the kobold Xander which she promptly names Wendy. She is told the weasel will be loyal to her for as long as she lives and will help her to find the Artifact as well as other devices.
  • Skeezix is also bid farewell under an apparent pardon by the Navarrix. He is gifted with an implant which lets him communicate with Sophie and they chat, leaving him to find his fate in the future of Eberron.
  • Setting off for the surface in the quickest way possible, Sophie sends a feather token to her sister.



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